Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I book?

A. To make a booking you can either book online for Photo Booth, Selfie Pod, Bouncy Castle, Hot Bundle but for all other bookings of equipment you can visit us, phone us on 0151 639 0404 or email us.

Q. How much notice do I have to give for bookings?

A. You can book at anytime, however bookings do get very busy so please book as early as possible. Alternatively you can contact us on the day and we may have availability.

Q. What do the prices include?

A. Most the equipment for hire has a description of what's included in the price but just to make sure and confirm the price you will being charged and what come with the equipment you will be looking to hire, we advise you phone us on 0151 639 0404 or email us as we can often talior our service to your requirements.

Q. When is your equipment available for hire?

A. Our equipment is available 7 days a week all year round. (Christmas day and New years day may be limited and if services are available prices will differ).

Q. How long do I get the equipment for?

A. Depending on the equipment you hire this can be 1 hour - 4 hours and all day, most equipments decripitions highlight the normal time period they can be hired for but we can alwasy extend or talior this for your requirements.

Q. Do you hire overnight?

A. Yes some equipment can be hired overnight and there is an additional charge for this extened period.

Q. How do I pay?

A. You can pay by cash on the day when we arrive to set up or before and for bookings months in advance we may consider a payment plan for you. Usually a deposit will be required when making a booking. Please note we can accept payment via PayPal and details are avaliable upon request but this may inccur a small payment prossing fee of 4%. We do not accept cheques and do not have a card payment system at the moment.

Q. What if I need to cancel?

A. You can cancel at anytime or all we ask that you give us as much notice as possible and if you paid a deposit and cancel within 48 hours after booking by email to only this maybe refunded. Please note that if you do not inform us of a cancellation prior to delivery and set up then we will have to bill you a wasted journey, time charge and loss of a accepting a new booking for that same period.

Q. What about the weather?

A. Some inflatables may not be operated in the rain, if it is just showers then you can switch off then back on and wipe it dry. If are unsure or have any doubt about what equipment can be hired for outdoor in what type of weather conditions we advise that you contact us for more details on 0151 639 0404 or Call/text: 07756 000944

Q. Can the inflatable be set up on a slope?

A. If it is a slight slope this may be possible but if you are not sure please contact us on 0151 639 0404 prior to booking.

Q. How much space is needed for a Bouncy Castle or Activity Inflatables?

A. Space requirements depend on what you are hiring but sizes range 12ft by 15ft  to 15ft by 15ft, if you are unsure about what size your hiring you can ask us at the time of booking. When possible please make sure there are no low overhanging trees, phone/electric lines overhead and that all garden items such as garden toys, patio furniture are removed from the area and that all rubbish, dog waste etc have been cleared up before the day of your booking.

Q. When I hire the equipment is there anything I need to provide?

A. Sweetie Vents will supply all the equipment needed for what you are hiring, all you need to do is provide is a mains power socket normally within 50 metres of the where the equipment will be setup, if you mains socket is further away than this you should phone us on 0151 639 0404 to explore other options.

Q. Do you provide safety instructions?

A. Yes we provide detailed safety instructions for every hire.

Q. Is there an age limit to the Bouncy Castles and Activity Inflatables?

A. There is normally a height limit on every inflatable the maximum height, more details can be obtained upon request before your on the day of your booking. We also specify that Adults are only to use Adult equipment as the other equipment is not built to cope with them safely.

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